Evaluating and Financing Public Private Partnership Projects (PPP) - A nation building approach!

Level Skills Training
Category Professional Training

5 Days


1.    PPP Concept

-       Economic foundation of a PPP project 

-       Need for private finance  to scale up investments in infrastructure 

-       PPP Modal families and possible legal forms taken such as contracts, special purpose vehicle, licenses etc. 

2.    Lifecycle of PPP Project 

-       Value for money analysis

-       Taking PPP from request for EOI to  Concession Agreement

-       Managing social change and acceptance during implementation 

-       Contract Management and Monitoring Mechanisms

3.    Project Finance 

-       Sources of finance and capital structure 

-       Analysis of project cashflow and project bankability 

-       Identification, mitigation and allocation of project risks.  

4.    Experiences with PPP

-       Discussion on PPP cases – successful an failed – from Maldives and Abroad 

-       Break-out sessions for sector -wise assessment 

-       Abandonment of projects by the developer 

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Fee Structure

MVR 3500/-