One Day Workshop on Microsoft Excel

Level Skills Training
Category Professional Training
Duration 8 Hrs

Introduction to Excel

1.    Data Entering to the cells

2.    Insert Rows and Columns

3.    Chart and its types 

4.    Fill Series

5.    Conditional formatting

6.    Protecting the sheet and workbook

Advanced formulas and functions

1.    References

2.    New functions (Vlookup, Hlookup, Subtotal)

3.    Data Validation

4.    Formulas and how to use them (SUM, AVG, SUMIF, COUNTIF, Count)

5.    If conditions (Single If, Multiple If)

6.    Sort and filter

7.    Freese panes

8.    Data exchange with other Office applications

9.    Excel files on Web storage locations


PivotTable and PivotChart

1.    Creating and modifying a PivotTable

2.    Creating and editing a PivotChart

3.    Pivot: Analysis and settings

General Criteria


Alternative Criteria


Fee Structure

MVR 1000/-